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100% Funded Challenge – SEPA Waste Scanner

Plastic waste is currently one of the world’s most serious and widely discussed environmental challenges. There are a myriad of potential solutions to contain the impact of plastics. A key barrier to the adoption of a circular economy is the quality of the plastic materials which are being presented for recycling. This 100% funded SBRI challenge aims to provide a tool that would enable stakeholders in the plastic waste industry to assess the quality of plastic transported for recycling and to discourage any activities that result in environmental harm.

SEPA, in partnership with the Can Do Innovation Fund, is sponsoring this challenge to empower their staff with the ability to identify the quality of bulk plastic waste in transit with the ultimate objective to improve recyclate quality and to discourage behaviours that transgress the waste quality regulations.

Up to 5 SBRI contracts with a total value of £150,000 are available to innovative companies, please follow the below link to learn more and take part in this procurement exercise.

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