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A big cake is needed for a big birthday!

Yes, on Monday 13th January 2020, technology recruiters, Bright Purple Resourcing will be 25 years old, to some of us that’s a quarter of century of trading in old money! 

In case you wondered what was happening in the world back in 1995, here’s some reminders;

Macintosh Performa 6200 was launched with a 1GB hard drive – wow!

Criminal trial of O. J. Simpson took place in California – he was found not guilty

Serial killer Fred West found hanged in his Birmingham prison cell

Michael Foale has become the first British-born American to walk in space

Rogue trader Nick Leeson jailed for 6.5 years for his part in the collapse of Barings

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin has been assassinated

Notorious gangland killer Ronnie Kray died in hospital 

Nick Price, is the only original founding partner left at the firm 25 years later and as CEO remains at the helm of the business that started its life back in 1995. 

“A lot has of course changed over those 25 years, it’s actually incredible to look back and think not only about the business we run, but the world in general because things people take for granted now, didn’t exist when we started out and in fact, we were still printing and binding CV’s to rush them to a customer back then from our basement office in Chester Street! There certainly wasn’t the computing power available or the mobility we all enjoy with our devices today” and he went on to say;

“IBM CICS/Cobol Mainframe requirements were like Java needs today, lots of roles but no one to fill them, so nothing’s really changed when it comes to tech talent shortages. What has changed and what I find scary, is just how quick a new technology arrives on the scene! Our teams are having to work hard to try to understand what that tech is doing and where there may be a talent pool to chase, because now with the tech we have in place we can source a candidate from anywhere in the world.”

Nick was a member of ScotlandIS back when it was known as the Scottish Software Federation and eventually took his turn serving as a board member back in 2009 under the leadership of the prolific Polly Purvis. He commented; “ScotlandIS has come a long way over the years, it has positively grown its membership and expanded the offerings it now provides. I would suggest that a lot of that success is down to the tenacity of former CEO Polly who lived and breathed ScotlandIS and I know how that feels to live and breathe a role for so long!” And so why hasn’t Nick retired?

“Lots of reasons, but to be honest I am a people person, a relationship builder and I love the challenges that my day job offers me, there’s never a day that’s the same. I came into the tech recruiting industry in 1990, I had a full head of hair back then and while my hairline may have almost disappeared, my passion for people and a desire to see the success of the bright purple brand is as strong as ever! And when so many people hate their job, can’t wait to break free, I suggest why leave something you love?”

In closing Nick mentioned, “I’d also like to mention 3 other bright purple leaders who have since retired from the firm, but who were all critical to our success over the years, Alan Smith, Alastair Maclean and Jan Mutch and I am grateful to have worked with each as a friend and colleague. And to my fantastic leadership team of today, Paul, Kane and Jemma, 25 years of legacy is in your hands and I trust you to take us all forward to success and who knows maybe in 25 years from now, people will be celebrating you and your achievements? My thanks and best wishes to you all for your devotion to bright purple and it’s people.”

Happy 25th birthday to bright purple resourcing.

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