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Developing the UK’s next generation of cyber security solutions. Applications for the next cohort are now open!

The NCSC Cyber Accelerator is a collaboration between the UK Government Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC, part of GCHQ) , and Wayra UK (Telefónica’s Open Innovation Hub)

What sort of companies is the NCSC Cyber Accelerator looking for in upcoming cohorts?

For the upcoming cohort that is due to start in January 2021 (TBC), we are seeking start-ups whose products / services are focussed on cyber security for Smart Cities. You can find out more about our Smart Cities scouting themes, that are briefly outlined in the titles below, here.

  • Data Insights
  • Situational Awareness
  • Interfacing to CNI
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics

A key difference this year is that we are also accepting applications on a rolling basis and will be filling up further cohorts on a first-come-first-served basis throughout the year. Our first 10-week programme, starting in January (TBC), will centre on the NCSC Smart Cities titles outlined above.

However, we are always open to applications from start-ups with solutions that could be for any customers, from individuals at home to the world’s biggest companies, but start-ups must address one or more of the traditional NCSC challenge title themes outlined briefly in the bulletpoints below and fully in the “Themes” section further down this page.

  • Making it easier to be secure
  • Understand and defend
  • Detect and respond

As part of its mission to make the UK the safest place to live and work online, the NCSC is looking for start-ups who:

  • Offer next-generation cyber security solutions that are better and cheaper than existing products
  • Are using innovative techniques to solve a known problem
  • That can make a difference to the NCSC right now
  • Have an active UK presence including a UK registered business

What does the NCSC Cyber Accelerator programme involve?

The NCSC Cyber Accelerator is run in partnership with Wayra UK, combining the NCSC’s technical expertise and Wayra’s commercial expertise to the World’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The programmes will run for 10 weeks each in Cheltenham and meet in person three days a week.  

 In order to make best use of working with the NCSC and GCHQ, the programme is based in Cheltenham and a founder of each company is expected to attend each day. To have a national reach but a Cheltenham-focus, the programme offers a £9,000 stipend to cover travel costs.

Each cohort selects up to 10 companies, which range in their maturity from early stage angel investment to securing initial seed investment.

Through a combination of technical and commercial mentorship and introductions, the programme works with start-ups to:

  • Investigate potential partnership opportunities with NCSC
  • Develop and communicate their core product or service
  • Facilitate introductions to companies and investors
  • Create commercial growth opportunities

You can find out more about the programme here

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