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Circular Economy

A Circular Economy is one which focuses on continuously using products and materials. Through designing and manufacturing as well as refurbishing, remanufacturing, leasing and providing products and materials as a service, businesses maintain and maximise their value

The Benefits of Circular Economy

  • Improve resilience by reducing
  • Reduce spend by using fewer resources and materials
  • Generate business by developing and creating new income streams
  • Increase customer loyalty by developing new services that enhance customer relationships
  • Reduce waste by continuously using resources and materials instead of sending for disposal the risk to changes in the supply and the price of resources

Information Technology

1. Donate any unused or old IT equipment to be repurposed
2. Lease IT equipment for your business
3. Refurbish faulty/old IT equipment to extend usage
4. Work with local supply chains to create a sharing economy 5. Introduce a leasing scheme to replace/complement product sales

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