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Cmd R ScotSoft 2020 – Did someone say Cyber?

This year’s virtual Cmd R ScotSoft 2020 is shaping up to be as big as ever, with over thirty speaker sessions bringing together global names to talk about business growth or building brand awareness, to artificial intelligence or infosecurity.

To give you a glimpse into the calibre of speaker sessions planned for the day, we thought we’d highlight some of the speakers in our cyber stream, one of the key themes of the event.

Here’s a bit of a taster of the lineup we have in store for you on October 1st.

Mark Goodwin, UK Ambassador at Mozilla, will be talking about using open source tools to find security vulnerabilities within applications. Mark is a security specialist, software developer and browser engineer, with years of experience in developing and securing business critical Internet facing systems. He has excellent experience in Web Security (both as a browser engineer and an applications developer) including conceiving, specifying and implementing new web technologies.

We have Chris Yule, Director at Secureworks, who has over 12 years’ experience in cyber security. Chris’s initial focus was to help build Secureworks’ Counter Threat Platform, before moving into the consultancy team to help some of Secureworks largest clients with their cyber security strategy, including projects to build and define Threat Intelligence functions. Chris joined the CTU in 2016 to concentrate on threat research, with a focus on new and emerging threats.

Matt Summers will be joining us as Vice President of Engagement Management & Research & Development at Aon’s Cyber Solutions, to talk all about cryptography. He will take us on a journey through the world of cryptography and look at some of the mistakes that developers have made, the pitfalls, and how you should approach implementing cryptography in your applications and systems.

Hacker, security advocate, cyber security professional and public speaker extraordinaire, Alyssa Miller, will be leading a session on refocusing our approach to threat modelling. She will walk through the details of how to implement an alternative approach to threat modelling in any development paradigm and demonstrate that it can be done without affecting our development timelines.

And finally, we will have Rik Ferguson, Global VP of Security Research at Trend Micro, featuring as one of our keynote speakers. Rik is one of the leading experts in information security, with over nineteen years experience. He is a Special Advisor to Europol, a project leader with the International Cyber Security Prevention Alliance (ICSPA), and Vice Chair of the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace & Security Science. In April 2011 Rik was inducted into the Infosecurity Hall of Fame.

Don’t forget to register and tune in on October 1st to access all of these insights and more.

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