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Coronavirus: Exiting the lockdown – how, when and what other countries can teach Scotland

It won’t be this week, or next week. But it cannot be put off forever. Exiting lockdown: when should we do it, how do we do it, and should Scotland strike out on its own?

Political leaders in all four nations will have an increasingly impossible task balancing the interests of public health and the NHS against a nosediving economy and a restless population.

Already in Scotland there are signs that hospital admissions are levelling off, the majority of intensive care beds (or at least, “potential” ICU beds – that extra capacity is on standby if needed) lie empty, and the NHS Louisa Jordan field hospital in Glasgow may never be used.

The death rate from the virus in Scotland also appears to be substantially lower than England’s for a variety of reasons likely to include population density and the fact that the lockdown measures came into effect at an earlier stage of the epidemic curve in Scotland.

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