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Edinburgh’s Commsworld hails milestone connection after £10m investment

The firm said it had taken a “historic” final step in its shift from telecoms disruptor to network provider having invested more than £10 million in its “next generation” network.

The network was built specifically for businesses and is said to have revolutionised the security and resilience of digital infrastructure to organisations throughout the country – while offering speeds of up to 200 gigabits per second.

The firm has now fired up its final “point of presence” (PoP) – part of a £1m investment in Yorkshire alone after Commsworld joined the IXLeeds Internet Exchange last year.

It makes the company the only organisation to connect to all of the country’s internet exchanges, and linking up major cities including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London to its network.

Commsworld managing director Bruce Strang said: “Adding this final PoP to our network marks the culmination of years of hard work, and is a landmark moment for Commsworld.”

To avoid a dip in speeds between exchanges, the firm needed to position PoPs at intervals of no less than 80 kilometres. The rollout of the final Huddersfield site in effect means the speed and efficiency of the network can be maintained uniformly across all of the UK.

Strang added: “This has been one of our main objectives and we have achieved it. It means businesses are not limited by their location – they will have access to uniform speeds.”

Chief executive Ricky Nicol added: “Access to excellent internet connections… is fast becoming a human right.”

Source: The Scotsman

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