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Ensure workplace safety with a COVID-19 risk assessment

Carrying out a COVID-19 risk assessment will be a requirement for companies who want to have their employees return to work. This will work within health and safety regulation and where possible should be published on a company website that this is in place, particularly for companies with over 50 staff members.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template

We have built a COVID-19 risk assessment template within our Velappity risk assessment software and mobile app. Our template is based on the latest UK Government guidelines on COVID-19 risk assessments for returning to work safely.

This approach will ensure you can demonstrate that it is safe to return to work now, can provide a quick and easy way to monitor risk on an ongoing basis and keeps all records of risk assessments up to date.

As well as demonstrating compliance to current Government guidelines, this makes it easier to adapt quickly if the guidelines change.

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