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ETAG conference 2020 – Edinburgh the success story

There was quite a lot of back slapping and claims about Edinburgh’s success as a tourist city at today’s Edinburgh Tourism Action Group’s conference. You would expect that – these are the people who run tourism related businesses from hotels to bars – and castles too, all gathered at Assembly Rooms for the afternoon.

But we would be doing the 200 or so people who attended the gathering a disservice if we stopped there. They were all there to talk about Edinburgh of course, but were prepared to learn as well from other cities which have both suffered and benefitted from tourism. They heard about schemes in both Barcelona and Amsterdam which have worked to involve residents in the story.

It is telling that the delegates had created their own word cloud ahead of the event by choosing the biggest opportunities for Edinburgh’s as tourism, technology, China and partnership. It is clear that all of these are at the forefront of many minds of tourism professionals.

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