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Innovate UK helps Cyborn in setting up data security business

Innovate UK said that it has helped Cyborn, an Edinburgh-based company, launch a data security business which it says can seriously disrupt how digital information is safely kept and yet accessible in the cloud.

As per the Scottish firm, more than eight billion data records were compromised in 2019. The data security company also said that one among three people last year saw their privacy exposed by breaches of personal data which they expected organisations to safeguard.

With support from Innovate UK, Cyborn developed a solution called Ionburst which is said to dissolve any type of data into a stream of anonymous particles. These particles are then distributed across various cloud stores, thereby enhancing data security, privacy, and recoverability.

According to the company, no data is duplicated ever, therefore offering immediate carbon and cost benefits. Furthermore, particles are totally contextless and are not of any worth to hackers but can be recovered by legitimate owners immediately, at any point in time.

Cyborn claims that it is the first technology to offer organisations with tailored control over how to safeguard sensitive and customer data.

Ionburst is said to have the capability of shielding cloud, network, IoT, or personal data, across markets as varied as healthcare, online enterprise, and defence.

For high-security applications, the technology’s ‘active data defence’ is said to constantly move data and code for putting off the most determined hackers. Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Cyborn had secured a funding of £153,000 from an Innovate UK Smart Grant for a nine-month project which saw its team turn its design blueprint into a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. The project was wrapped up last August, and presently Ionburst is being commercially used by its first customers on Amazon Web Services.

The company operates across the US and Australia as well.

Cyborn CEO and founder David Lanc said: “Strong US market interest justified us commercialising and distributing Ionburst through a US company and management. Thanks to the project, we can deliver Ionburst to American market specification, managing it from the UK.

“The grant from Innovate UK was massive for us. If we hadn’t won the award we’d be based in the US by now. It absolutely kept the business in this country.”

Source: Government Computing

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