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IWD 2018 – Lee Murray

Director, Head Resourcing

Why do you love working in tech?

I have worked in the tech sector for over 15 years and have built my career within it. The variety of skills, people, opportunities and the pace of change make it a vibrant & innovative sector, which I’m proud to be part of.

What makes you excited in our industry?

Advancements in technology, the disruptive & innovative nature of new technology and the pace of change. 

Where do you see the next big things?

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. The potential seismic changes that both are bringing to society and their potential application to do great things.

What makes the industry a good place for women?

The exponential growth of the tech sector means that there are more opportunities for talented women and men than ever before. The need for a diverse and inclusive workforce and the corresponding business benefits it brings are widely known and the sector is working hard to on ways to attract and retain female talent. 

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