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IWD 2018 – Nicola Taylor

Candidate Matching Co-ordinator, e-Placement Scotland a partnership between ScotlandIS the trade body for the digital technologies industry and Edinburgh Napier University

Why do you love working in tech?

I love working in the technology sector as it inspires me to want to continue learning and developing my skills

What makes you excited in our industry

The industry makes me excited for my children’s futures, it is always evolving, always changing and there are always new and fresh ideas.  I am inspired by how enthusiastic everyone is about encouraging the younger generations into tech roles. I love that the industry is forward thinking enough to encourage people from different sectors into tech.

Where do you see the next big things

The tech sector moves so quickly that it can be hard to predict the next big things however I can see 2018 being the year that Augmented reality becomes mainstream, a second coming for fintech, and the year that our at home robots not only respond to commands but also start prompting us to be more efficient.

What makes the industry a good place for women

Its a great industry to be a woman because there are no boundaries, it’s all about good ideas and not about the people who have them.  It truly is an industry that does not discriminate, it encourages you to be creative and many tech companies are actively seeking woman returners to consider a career change into the tech sector.

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