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IWD 2018 – Polly Purvis

CEO, ScotlandIS – the trade body for the digital technologies industry

Why do you love working in tech?

I love working in the technology sector as everyday is different, the industry is full of fascinating people and the businesses we work with create brilliant products and solutions.

What makes you excited in our industry

The pace of change,  the inventiveness of people working in tech businesses and the increasing ambition for excellence in the sector. Since I started working in the sector there have been several ‘waves’ of change, firstly the development of the web from small beginnings, then the advent of mobile, and now the growth in data and the Internet of Things 

Where do you see the next big things

The coming together of analytics that can handle vast quantities of data, Artificial Intelligence, robotics and sensors is already impacting many aspects of our life at work and at home. Connect this up with recent developments in augmented and virtual reality and together they provide huge opportunities;  to make work more productive and less menial, to improve the environment, to support excluded groups such as people with mental illness, long term sick, unemployed and other minorities, and to create new applications in so many industries Scotland is strong in, such as digital technologies,  advanced manufacturing, food & drink, tourism, financial services and energy. 

What makes the industry a good place for women

Its a great industry to be a woman – many technology businesses are doing ground breaking work, tackling complex challenges that need a range of skills and perspectives.  Most employers are actively encouraging women into their workforce, into roles from business development, to digital marketing, software development, and product management.  Working hours are often flexible, pay is good, most workplaces also offer a great  range of non- financial benefits from cycle to work schemes to working from home. 

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