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Resources for small people while you’re working from home

While most parents might work with kids in the house for a few hours from time to time, the prospect of attempting to work from home with the kids off school all day every day, is not one to be faced lightly.

So, how to keep them busy, happy and learning and also allow you to keep up with work? A lot depends on how many kids you have and their age and stage.

Nic Taylor, has already pulled together some fantastic tips for working while dealing with smaller children which you can read here.

We’ve also pulled together some resources and tips for those with older children.  Schools will pull together learning plans to cover this time, but different local authorities and schools may do this in various ways and to differing degrees, so it’s worth being aware of some of the great resources that can be used by individual parents.  

Some general tips:

  • Accept that the kids will potentially watch more telly and play more on devices. Don’t beat yourself up about it but set clear time boundaries. Have some ground rules and try to maintain a routine; keeping the telly off during school hours is probably a good guide, or at least agree a timetable for TV and gadgets in advance so it doesn’t become the default mode of operation!
  • Get them outside at some point every day. Going with them will good for your own mental health too. Why not use this to get into the habit of taking a proper lunch break rather than eating at your desk?
  • Try to think of it this an opportunity to connect more with some of their learning, as well as being a challenge to your multi-tasking skills! It’s also an opportunity to teach life skills to your kids. They can cook you a meal or hang up the washing while you work (OK, and pigs might fly!). Make them understand that this is a team effort and that everyone needs to muck in and adapt to the new norm.
  • Be realistic about your own goals and be open with your employer – you will not be as productive as when working from home alone. It might be sensible to agree certain times off to help with routine.  
  • Some kids might be feeling quite a lot of anxiety at the moment; make sure they’re emotionally provided for too.  
  • If all else fails, remember that breweries and distilleries also need to be supported in these unprecedented times!
  • And finally – you are doing your best, do not feel guilty. Teachers study for years to learn their profession.

Some useful resources

Literacy and general education – Literacy, number, time and money, typing, memory & Matching (P1-P7) – All areas of the curriculum including SfL. Free membership for one month (Nursery – P7) National Geographic for children. All areas of the curriculum (P3-P7) – Literacy/reading/ phonics as well as some number activities. (Nursery -P7) History/STEM (P5-P7) – Geography (P1-P7) – General Knowledge (P1-P7) SfL Activities (P1-P7) – All Areas of the curriculum (P1-P7) Literacy including EAL (P1-P7) – Handwriting (P1-P4) – Literacy (P1-P4) – Literacy (P1-4) Core curriculum for a variety of ages

Maths, numeracy and STEM – Coding for kids STEM (P4-P7) – Digital enterprise award scheme you can complete online.

Other stuff – can be done in a garden or park – language learning Good, free art activities – Daily news programme with supporting activities  (P4-P7) – History topics and supporting online activities/quizzes. (P4-P7)

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