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Tech Company PDMS boosted by support from Department for Education and Nesta

Glasgow based PDMS has won a place as a finalist on the £5.75 million CareerTech Challenge programme, which aims to encourage bold solutions to improve people’s working living and unlock employment opportunities for the future.

Nesta is delivering the CareerTech Challenge in partnership with the Department for Education. The solutions being funded through the CareerTech Challenge are designed to support people who will be hit the hardest by an insecure job market over the coming years. This includes those without a degree, and working in sectors such as retail, manufacturing, construction and transport.

Managing Director at PDMS, Chris Gledhill, said, “Finding creative solutions to labour market challenges was important when we entered the CareerTech Challenge last year, but it is even more important now. We are delighted to receive the support from the Department for Education and Nesta, which will go a long way to helping us and our clients improve labour market outcomes for those that need it most.”

Nesta research suggests that more than six million people in the UK are currently employed in occupations that are likely to radically change or entirely disappear by 2030 due to automation, population aging, urbanisation and the rise of the green economy.

Over the next nine months, PDMS will look to use the support on offer to refine and test a new product that will directly benefit those targeted by the National Retraining Scheme. This product will enhance PDMS’ existing skills portal solution, SignedUp Skills.

“The package of financial and non-financial support we have received through the CareerTech Challenge has already proved hugely beneficial,” said Richard Graham, Head of SignedUp Skills. “Everyone at PDMS involved in our labour market work should be proud that their hard work and creativity has attracted this level of support. I am sure it is a sign of things to come.”

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