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What is AWS CloudFormation?

Managing applications and stacks in the cloud

The sinews and muscles that make cloud computing function are just as important as the web and mobile applications that run on top of it. While many companies are focused on the features available in the apps, increasing user adoption of an app, or focusing on revenue generated from a service that runs on the web, there is also the underlying infrastructure that makes those app work reliably and at a high-performance level. For the most part, a cloud computing service provider like Amazon (with AWS or Amazon Web Services) insulates developers, data scientists, and business owners from the complexity of the infrastructure.

Yet, there is also a great opportunity to tweak that cloud infrastructure in ways that help your company, the web and mobile apps you run, and your customers. The concept of “Infrastructure as Code” emerged a few years ago as a way to help companies manage all of the disparate services that run in the cloud. Previously, they may have used scripts or other tools to manage their IT infrastructure, but those tools were often hard to use and complex. It’s exacerbated further when your staff needs to manage provisioning, version control, and other variables.

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